Welcome to Lowanne Nimat.  This is the website for all of our brothers.  If you have anything to add you can e-mail Sunil Mohan or Matthew Reck at info@lowannenimat.org. All other Chapter queries can be brought to the Chief at chief@lowannenimat.org

Our Chapter

Lowanne Nimat is an Order of the Arrow Chapter out of Atlanta Area Council, home of Lodge #129 Egwa Tawa Dee. We meet as a chapter every third Thursday of the month. WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON A NEW MEETING PLACE, OUR CURRENT BUILDING WAS CONDEMNED.

If you have any questions email the Chief at chief@lowannenimat.org.

Chapter Meetings

Our Chapter meetings are every third Thursday of the month. We are trying to make our Chapter meetings more interesting. Please attend the meeting and give the Chapter Chief your feedback and we'll do our best to fix whatever needs fixing.

For any questions feel free to e-mail us at chief@lowannenimat.org.


All Chapter communication is handled via email and Remind101. Click here to sign up for our emailing list.

If you would like Remind101 text alerts, click here for instructions on how to sign up.

Any questions regarding communications should be directed to the communications officers, Sunil Mohan and Matthew Reck at info@lowannenimat.org.


Trevor Toms - Chief
Email: chief@lowannenimat.org

Sunil Mohan/Matthew Reck - Communications
Email: info@lowannenimat.org

Kane Bonnette - Chapter Advisor
Email: adviser@lowannenimat.org

Upcoming Events